Poker Chip Set Essentials: Must-Have Accessories And Add-Ons


Poker night is much more than a game with chips, it is about replicating a casino environment in your own house. In order to bring a high stakes feel to a game, a quality poker chip set cannot be underestimated. Every piece in your set creates the atmosphere of the game, making every shuffle and bet become more interesting.

A good poker chip set does not stop at the chips and the cards alone. It consists of numerous crucial extras that facilitate game play and ensure continuity of the game. Starting from the texture of the chips down to the shuffling and dealing of the cards, every aspect matters.

Now let’s take a closer look at the list of accessories and additions that can turn your ordinary poker nights into legendary ones.

What Constitutes a Great Poker Set?

In the middle of every poker game are the chips. Not only are they symbols of in-game currency but also the feel of it while playing contributes to the overall experience. A basic set comprises several chips, which have different colors, and they signify various values. Most of these chips are manufactured from plastic, clay or ceramic and they vary in texture and sturdiness. Although plastic chips are cheaper, clay or ceramic chips have a professional look and feel, as the chips in casinos do.

Securing Your Chips: The Importance of a Sturdy Case

A strong case is essential in ensuring the safety of your poker chips and other items used during the game. These cases are made in different materials like aluminum, wood or acrylic. Aluminum cases are strong and can easily be transported, however wooden cases give your poker set a glamorous look though they may be slightly heavier.

Basic Poker Accessories for Every Poker Set

a. Playing Cards 

It is recommended to purchase at least two sets of good quality playing cards. This makes it possible for the game to run smoothly because while one deck is being used, the other is shuffled.

b. Dealer Button 

Dealer buttons are used to show which of the players is the dealer in the current round. It is a small but very useful device that allows you to monitor the progress of the game.

c. Blinds Timers 

These are used to indicate when it is time to open the blinds (forced bets). Countdown timers assist with regulating the game’s speed, which is useful for organized competitions.


Regardless of the level of experience you have with poker (or a complete lack of it), accessories are known to make or break the game. Starting with the quality of the chips and the build of the case, to invaluable accessories such as the blinds timer and a dealer button, each component is crucial to recreating the feel and functionality of a casino from the comfort of your own home. Add your personal touch to the poker set, and you are ready to enjoy a fun time with friends and loved ones during game night.

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